Sunday, November 21, 2010

Working with others

* okay so I'm going to try and blog once a week or more. This week has been challenging financially. I have a long list of to do. I think considering the nature of the shirts I make I'm going to target... gift shops, craft fairs, the web instead of "regular" stores where I hang with every other commercial image and mass manufactured shirt.
I read on the web that this being a full moon Taurus it was about inviting others in to work with you. That being said a lot of help has been coming. My talented and patient asst Anthony Elder is recreating my website. Thank goodness it doesn't say anything now. his site is Matt and Enrique from have been scratching my back with info and support which I appreciate tremendously. Also the amazing sound healer is taking me to lunch and we are going to discuss business ideas.
I'm grateful and thankful for all the help and support and yes I'm still chanting to lakshmi.
Enjoy the moon.

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