Thursday, November 12, 2009

Doing what is best

I'm confronted with decisions every day.Yesterday i got a call for an opportunity concerning my business I have to say no one loves a get rich quick scheme more than i do.Do I forget my responsibilities to myself and people I owe money to and take a chance?
Not this the past the answer was yes absolutely.I also had opportunities this week in particular to get out of myself shall we say,these situations seem harmless enough but are they in my own best interest? Or am I just pretending that I'm worth
less than I actually am? Am I pretending this time will be different?
I have to continue taking the high road until it becomes my habit.Do I want to sell myself short over and over? If I don't have an ideal and reach for it how will I ever get there?
Do I want what I want when I want it? Yes.Is it in my own best interest? Or do I just want to run away because I've had a tough time and I'm entitled? Only through self discipline will I become more of the light that God would have me be.Sometimes not having the slice of cake is it's own reward even though it doesn't feel like it.
Time to grow up.

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