Thursday, November 5, 2009


Many years ago it was recommended to me through a spiritual community that I start praying.I didn't really know if I believed or not.
I began to pray even though I had two hurdles one was the good people of religion,who spoke love with their lips but held hatred in their hearts.The other was even if I did believe in God I didn't feel God believed in me.[I sure didn't]
Part of the process was finding a God that worked for me,that was a long slow process.
I used to write letters saying things like if you are judging me you are fired and put God on the address and Jeffrey on the return.
In hindsight I think I discovered the good in myself,others and the universe almost at about the same pace.They were interlocked.
These days I pray a good part of the day.
I awoke very early this morning from a disturbing dream.It was based in a resentment I have. It's been recommended that I pray for this person for a month everyday,that they get everything that I would like.In the past I've had to be quite desperate to do this.The questions I ask myself are; Do I want to live in anger? Am I willing to let go? Would I rather be happy or would I rather be right?
I put it on my calendar 30 days.
The Higher Power,Higher Self sent me this dream to remind me what my hurdles were
holding hatred in my heart hurts me and my brothers.God believes in the light in my heart.

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