Thursday, October 22, 2009

Comparing myself to myself

Only awoke a while ago and I've already had a day.
Meditated early to get out of my thoughts.Checked in with my
spiritual mentor[see being open]Had a cry.Now it's time to get productive.
Planning hats and shirts,just filling in for NY.
In the past I've looked around and compared my insides to others masks.That doesn't work.
We all put on our best faces for each other or so we think.When i realize that I'm doing good things for myself and I know the hell I've lived in and gone through and relived {through my own hand}.One day or a series of days you just get tired of doing the same old shit.So you bite the bullet actually feel the feelings you've been avoiding.Then I slowly changed the behavior.Not the thoughts first the behavior first{that changed my thinking}RADICAL!
So these days I compare myself to myself and realize that I'm living a miracle.
There are still challenges but I'm up to em.

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