Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I guess I'll start with how i got started...I'm a native NewYorker,so I've got lots of opinions and they are always right.Right?
My mother had a small dress/sportswear shop,if not for her we would have starved.
I would go with her to the garment center when I was a little queen[now I'm a big one]
and buy clothes,I had a knack for it and I paid close attention.This was the early to mid seventies.
when I was 10 years old.
Fast forward 2001 I finally get a AAS from FIT in Menswear.[at 37]
Then 9/11 happens and part of me dies with our fellow citizens.
I finally get out of my slump a year or two later but no one wants to hire a 37 year old queen with passion . Honestly the thought of sitting in front of a computer and doing some else's idea makes me want to tear someone else's hair out.[homicide is more interesting than suicide]
Walking through Times Square one day I see I Love New York Tshirts $10 for 7 shirts.
How depressing.Isn't anything sacred?
I bought em and tye dyed em and added stencils and made em crafty and fun.
Went out a month later and sold em to a store in Chelsea[Starting Line]19th st and 8th.
They ended up selling about 80 of em,and Label New York was born.Come by and visit at www.labelnewyork.com

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