Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The mirror

Many years ago the spiritual buzz as I heard it
was to look into the mirror and tell yourself "I love you"
I would roll my eyes and cross my arms.
When I was in enough pain and my own way[ego] was no longer working
I did finally look in the mirror.
The pain and shame were so overwhelming I could look but an instant.
As I've continued on this journey i discovered the way through the pain and through the shame is to go through it not around or under or above but through.
I accessed strength and courage and wisdom and patience,this is not a journey that I took by myself.I asked for a lot of help because I couldn't do it alone {I still can't]
nor do I want to today.I had to become part of something part of community and find the people who were able to love me in spite of my being unable or unwilling to love myself. They appeared as reflections of myself and I appeared as reflection to them.
We meet the people we meet and have the experiences we have as glimpses of ourselves and each other.
Being able to look someone in the eye and say from the heart "I love you" is a profound experience.being able to say it to myself enables me to give the gift of myself to others and to receive the gift back.
So in case no one has told you today...
I'm looking into the rflection of your eyes and seeing you and seeing me and guess what

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